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Hello! Thank you for saying Hi to us at the Annandale Parade! My name is Nick and I am the owner of NTE DJ group. This is our FIRST year being a part of the parade. It was SO much fun to dance around, throw candy, and being a apart of this big celebration. As a company we offer a lot of fun opportunities. First off our bread and butter is Wedding's. We rock weddings every weekend through out the year. If you, a friend or family member is looking for a DJ for their big day, Reach out to us and make sure you use our exclusive deal! Another event that we do is DJ Trivia. This is our weekly trivia game that we play at bars/restaurants (check out below for all locations, also take advantage of our 40 bonus points as well). We give hints with the music, and we have an interactive league play. Where you have a chance to win the DJ Trivia Championship Trophy AND $600 cash. Lastly we do Community Bubble Parties.Where we provide bubble machines, play games, play awesome interactive music, and overall have fun day being outside! Welp... That is my company. Please if you can kindly follow our social media pages and if you need a DJ for any type of event. Please do not hesitate to reach out.

Thank you, Nicholas Thomas


$500 off

Applies to ANY Wedding DJ package. Fill our contact us and write in the message "Annandale Parade to get discount

40 Bonus Points

Applies to any DJ Trivia Minnesota Affiliated location. (See below for locations) Points are applied at the end of Round 4

Dates/Times of Events

DJ Trivia Every Week Locations
Big Lake, 6pm @ 3rd Rail Bar
Rockford: 6:30pm @ Billy's Rockford Bar
Albertville: 6:30pm @ D Michael B's Resort Bar
Big Lake: 7pm @Trails Sports Bar
Lonsdale: 7pm @ Smoke
St Cloud: 6:30pm @ Eagles Club 622
Rockford: 7pm @ Clays Bar
Rockford: 6:30pm @Billy's Rockford Bar DJBINGO


Bubble Parties
@Becker Community Center Slash Pad:
Wednesday, July 12th,2023 5:30-7pm
Wednesday August 9th, 2023 5:30-7pm
Wednesday August 30th, 2023 5:50-7pm

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