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Bubble Parties!

Join in on the Bubble fun! We will bring 4 High Powered Bubble Machines that will entertain everyone! We will bring some awesome music. Do some group activities. Also play some awesome games like the limbo, musical chairs and much more! Its a great party that will entertain kids from all ages.

Foam/Bubble Parties


This party we basically do the samething as the BUBBLE PARTY. But we add two high powered FOAM MACHINES. We will shoot out foam and cover everyone! Want to know the best thing? There is no mess to clean up.  All the foam evaperates after 10-15 mins. We also use chemical free, oil free, hypoallergentic foam solution that everyone can enjoy (Also easy to clean up)

Holiday Themed Parties

Here at NTE Family Events. We are hosting 2 Holiday themed parties in 2024. We are doing Halloween Carnival at the Monticello Community Center on October 24th. We will have awesome games and activities for the kiddos. Give away lots of Candy, and also crown the Halloween King/Queen for the best costume.

We will also host
Santa Palooza this year as well. Where DJ Santa will host an amazing dance party that no one will forget. We will play games, play awesome music, and maybe give away a present or two :)

In 2025 we will add...
Easter Egg Hunt Madness. Where will will have games activities that we will play through out the day. Also we will have hidden eggs around the area and a couple of them will have special prizes.

Another plan we have is Freedom PartyWe will have carnival style games to play. Bunch of Boune Houses, and an epic dance Karaoke Party for the kiddos to enjoy! Also we may shoot some bubbles and foam too.....

Kids Karaoke Night

Who says adults are the only people that enjoy Karaoke Night? Kids would love it too! We can do open format where they can sing any song (as long as it is appropriate) or we can have a theme night like Taylor Swift sing-a-long or Christmas Sing-a-along. It will be a party that they will never forget :)

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