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DJ Nick
Owner of NTE

Favorite Music:
00's, Country Music, Motown
Favorite thing about Weddings​:
Having people sing along to their favorite songs and the catered food is always a plus LOL!
What is my DJ Style?; 
I am an organized, fun, laid back DJ. I want to make sure everything is running smoothly and everyone is having a good time
What do I like to do outside of DJing?: 
I enjoy watching sports, and movies. :)

Favorite Vendors
Venues: Almquist Farm's, Gathered Oaks, and Creekside Farms

Photographer: Kendra Lauck Photography, Alexis Waxon Photography

Videographer: Precious Film Co, KAS Videography 
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DJ Brandon
General Manager of NTE

Favorite Music:
00's, Hip Hop, Modern Music
Whats my favorite thing about weddings?
Seeing everyone having a great time dancing and singing along. 
What is my DJ style?:
Upbeat, High Energy, easy going, and open to change through out the day.
What do I like to do outside of DJing?:
I enjoy recreational sports, watching football and traveling

Favorite Vendors
Venue: Crooked Willow, The Gardens of Castle Rock, and Willow Booke Farms

Photography: Leann Amelia Minnesota Wedding Photographer

Videography: Jasper Meddock Productions
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DJ Shaun

Favorite Music: 
Country, Jazz, Blues, R&B, Rock N Roll, and 70's Hits

Whats my favorite thing about weddings?
I LOVE the ceremony service. The moment my couple have planned so long for. I'll admit to an occasional "happy" tear or two 

What is my DJ style:
I am a "personality DJ" who enjoys interacting with the couple and the guests. Creating an amazing party atmosphere through well programmed, multi genre mixed music sets

What do I like to do outside of DJing?:
Hanging out with my daughters, cooking, travel, reading, vinyl record crate digging, and live music


DJ Scott

What Music do you like?

Anything danceable! I like a smooth melody and a good beat. Ok, I guess that would be 80's style music.


What is your favorite thing at a wedding

The first three dances: Bride and Groom, Father/Daughter and Mother/Son Dances. There is nothing like a close family!


How would you say your DJ style is?

Energetically Efficient!

If I talk on the mic, it is always about the bride and groom or communicating to the guests what is or will be happening.

It's not about me, it's about the Couple! With that said, I spend a lot of time planning and preparing to make sure the wedding day is perfect!


What do you like to do outside of DJing 

I like boating with my family, Hot Rodding and Bicycling.


Favorite Vendors

Venue- Hope Glen Farm

Photographer -Jean Marie Photography.

Videographer - Mr. Photography

DJ Julio
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DJ Josh

Bass Guitarist for the Whiskey Trail band based out of Duluth Mn